Biodiesel is a much better lubricant than conventional diesel fuel and extends engine life - a German truck won an entry in the Guinness Book of Records by travelling more than 1.25 million km (780,000 miles) on biodiesel with its original engine.

Rothsay Biodiesel has Developed the Reputation as a Reliable Business Partner that Delivers Quality Biodiesel Through Sustainable Business Practices.

Our biodiesel is an environmentally friendly renewable fuel made by converting animal fats and recycled cooking oil into a “green” alternative fuel that reduces greenhouse gases and can be used in all diesel engines today.

We produce both tallow and grease based biodiesel that exceeds current standards including North American (ASTM 6751) and European (EN 14214) standards.

As a diesel fuel product produced from renewable biomass that meets the 50% GHG threshold, Rothsay Biodiesel qualifies as an advanced biofuel under the new RFS2 mandate in the United States.

How It's Made

Our Biodiesel is made through a three step process designed to deliver some of the purest biodiesel available. The first two steps combine a natural oil or fat with an alcohol such as methanol to transform the oil into two products - methyl ester (the chemical name for biodiesel) and glycerin. The third step, purification, removes any remaining impurities from the biodiesel.

Rothsay Biodiesel - Clean Fuel, for a Change.